If I Do 200 km/h Will You Take All Of Your Clothes Off?

A young man was showing of his new sportscar to his girlfriend

She was thrilled at the speed.”If i do 200 km/h, will you take all of your clothes off?

“The girlfriend felt adventurous, and said “yes, of course”

He brought the car up to the 200 km/h benchmark.

However, he was unable to keep his eyes on the road and the car swerved, then flipped over.

the Naked girl was thrown clear, but the boyfriend got stuck in a hole.

“Go and get help” he yelled. “I can’t I’m naked!”

“take my shoe, he said, and cover yourself.

“Holding the shoe to her pubes she ran off, down the road.

She came to a gas station, and ran inside to the proprietor.

“Please help, my boyfriend got stuck in a hole!”

The proprietor look at her. looked at the shoe, and then said:

“there’s nothing I can do, he’s too far in. “

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