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A Good Yarn

There once was an old Jewish man who lived in New York.

His business was distributing soft goods.

Unfortunately, his next door neighbor was a red-necked, irascible anti-semite.

“Hey, Jew Boy, I need a piece of orange yarn to reach from the tip of your nose to the tip of your penis, and I want it delivered right away.” he phoned.” Of course, right away!” was the reply.

The next day, hearing a noise outside his window, he looked out on his yard to see a large truck dumping a huge load of orange yarn on the grass.

There was another truck waiting his turn.

Down the street, he could see another truck turning the corner and coming along.

“What the hell is going on?” he phoned his neighbor.

“Well, as your know, we record all telephone orders to be sure that we don’t make a mistake”, he said.

“I may be a few yards over or under but I gave you a 2% quantity discount to make up for it.

The last time I saw it, the tip of my penis was in poland!!!!”

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