One Day There Was This Little Girl Watching TV

One day there was this little girl watching TV and she sees 2 girls kissing.

She ask her mom “Mommy why are those two girls kissing?” The mother then Replied “Oh their just making a cake.

The little girls says “Oh Okay”.

The very next day the little girl is watching TV and she see two black guys kissing.

She asked her mother “Mommy why are those two guys kissing?” The mother Replied again
“Oh their just making a cake” The little girl says again “Oh Okay”.

The very next morning the mother was coming down the stairs and she sees her daughter with a smile on her face her mother ask “Why such a smile?”

The little girl replies “I seen you and daddy make a cake last night”

The mother looks at her daughter in shocks and says “Oh really how’s that?”

The little girl Replied “I lick the frosting off the couch

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