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An Indian And Two Pakistanis

An Indian got a seat between two Pakistanis on a plane. Relaxing, he took his shoes off.

Soon enough, he got hungry.

“Hey, I’m going to get myself a snack. You guys want anything?” He asked the Pakistanis.

The man to his right said he would like a Coke.

“Of course.” said the Indian.

“After all, Indians and Pakistanis are Brothers!”

When the Indian went to get the coke, the man who asked for the Coke spit in one of his shoes.

Once the Indian came back, the guy to his left asked him for another Coke. He happily obliged. While he was gone, the man spit in his other shoe.

Soon enough, the Indian returned, with the Coke, of course. After everyone had settled down, and the Pakistanis had had half their Cokes, the Indian put his legs in his shoes and sighed.

“How long will we keep doing this, brothers? Spitting in each others shoes, pissing in each others Cokes?”

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