4th Grade Boys Discuss How To Get A Girl

Five 4th grade boys in a typical bathroom discussion during recess were discussing how to get a girl.

It was nearly unanimous that girls were easy to get by guys with a perfect penis.

None of the boys seemed to know what the perfect penis was though.

Jimmy stayed on the periphery listening and not talking.

That night after dinner Jimmy asked dad if they could talk.

In private he tells his dad of the bathroom discussion and asks his dad, what is the perfect penis.

Dad being quite confident opens his fly, displays his penis across his hand, and tells Jimmy this is the perfect penis.

The next day when Jimmy and the other boys are in the bathroom during recess,

the how to get a girl discussion comes up and returns to the perfect penis conclusion.

This time Jimmy, armed with new knowledge, steps forward and says I know what the perfect penis is.

The other boys impressed by Jimmy’s announcement eagerly encourage him to share this key information.

To which, Jimmy pulls down his zipper, lays his penis across the palm of his hand, and announces,

see this, 3 inches shorter it would be the perfect penis.

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