Little 5-Year-Old Johnny Was Running Around The House Making Noise

Little 5-year-old Johnny was running around the house making noise…

When his mother yelled at him, saying: “Can’t you find something to do?

Like maybe go across the street and watch the construction workers build that new house?

“So, Johnny did. A few hours later, His father had just returned home from work.

“Where were you, son?” He asked.

Little Johnny answered: “Watching the men building that new house.”

“Did you learn anything?”, asked Dad

“I Did!”, exclaimed Little Johnny,

“I learned all about building a house!”

“That’s a lot to learn in just one day!” Johnny’s father replied.

“Tell me, Son, how do you build one?

”Little Johnny replied: “Well first, you have to put in the goddamn doors,

except that when you go to put the fucking door up, but that son of a bitch won’t fit.

So, you bring that cocksucker back down, take a cunt hair off each end,

then you put the mother fucker back up and hope it stays until the inspection!”

Furious, Johnny’s father shouted “How dare you use that language in my house!

I’m going to spank you. Go to the tree in the backyard and bring me a switch.

“And Little Johnny said: “Fuck you, that’s an electrician’s job.”

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