Fish Goes To The Doctor

Fish goes to the doctor.

The doctor says, “Hello, sir. What brings you in today?”

The fish replies, “Everything. I hurt my back at work, I have a cold, my eyesight is going, and I have high blood pressure.”

The doctor raises his eyebrows, jots down some notes on his clipboard, and says,

“Okay, Mr. Salmon, what’s your lifestyle like? Do you eat healthily, get enough sleep, all that?”

“Oh, yes,” replies the fish.

“I eat organic, sleep at least 7 hours a night, and I never drink or smoke.”

At that, the doctor smiles and slaps his knee.

“Well that’s your problem!” he exclaims. “Let me write you a prescription for some Marlboros.”

The fish is dumbfounded. “Doctor, why?”

The doctor finishes writing the prescription rips it off his pad, and hands it to the fish.

“You need to start smoking,” he says,

“because smoking cures salmon.”

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